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It’s a Cinch!

An eco-friendly alternative to wrapping paper, Re-Cinch is a reusable fabric wrap, which makes gift wrapping super quick and easy, without the need for sticky tape.

Just cinch, knot and go–then reuse, again and again.


Re-Cinch fabric gift wraps are inspired by furoshiki, the Japanese art of gift wrapping and carrying goods. This ancient tradition also has roots in Korea, where it’s called bojagi.

Re-Cinch’s current range are hand printed using a traditional woodblock printing technique from India.









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Giving with Re-Cinch Gift Wrap

Using Re-Cinch for gift wrap means you give generously–in more ways than one.

Ethical Gift

Your Re-Cinch gift wrap is ethical, empowering women in poor economic situations–providing them with training, employment and education and medical insurance for their families.

Reusable Gift Wrap–Zero Waste

Give a gift wrapped in a gift. With zero waste, your Re-Cinch reusable gift wrap keeps on giving, again and again, traversing within and across families and friendships.

Environmentally Sustainable Gift Wrap

100% cotton and printed with natural dyes, Re-Cinch fabric gift wraps are produced with minimal impact on the environment. They are designed to be reused–or repurposed for zero waste, but once they do come to the end of their life, they are 100% compostable–and so is our packaging.

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It's difficult to screw-up gift wrapping with Re-Cinch. Give beautifully wrapped gifts with a twist.

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Our products don’t include destination surcharges, duties and tax. If you are outside Australia, these may be applied.

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